Friday, July 27, 2018

2018. Still podcasting...

It has been an interesting 2018 so far, one where I have seen myself behind the microphone less and less. Maybe my soapbox of choice has just seen various changes.
 If you're reading this you probably have found me through one of my various social outlets, and I am glad you made it here. Thank you for coming to read these little blurbs every now and then, and thank you for watching our DigiKast: Roadtrip home videos and my various other short lived video project ideas. They are getting better, I swear!

Sherry and I are seasoned podcast veterans and since finding each other we've found other past times away from podcasting. We still do a podcast of sorts on it doesn't follow a schedule, it doesn't follow a format, it isn't edited, and it isn't a big deal. Its our little podcast, done in in our little way, and it comes out whenever we get around to putting it out.  Our Blue Snowball sits between our computers gathering dust as we tend to podcast from our phones while out on roadtrips with kids and friends, or in the bed when the mood strikes us to give a movie rundown while its fresh on our minds.

I was recently a guest on a Scarcasm Live episode with Chase and it was good to be back in the saddle on an officially live streamed, post-produced, long-form, podcast again. It was fun to have co-hosts to bounce my shenanigans off of and various topics to delve into. Sherry and I also guested on a recent episode of TheGamesMen podcast. We are happy that Dan and Gary consider us friends of the show and we were happy help. We basically came on and took over about 80% of an episode while Gary had lost his voice.It was super fun, but for a gaming podcast, we talked an awful lot about history and cooking. You should definitely check them out, it was a great episode. #Overcooked2iscoming 

Surely, at some point I will find appropriate cover art for our podcast. At the moment its a forest of trees on the outskirts of Baltimore City. It worked in a pinch, but at some point I plan to replace it. Don't let that deter you from listening to our latest episodes.

So, we know it's sparse but hopefully you will continue to come here to check out our "content" in whatever form it may take. Our most watched video on YouTube is still up, I'm still waiting to get a chance to remake it. I guess I need to buy a replacement GoPro too... nah, bad idea... why did I write all this?!? Ok. Nevermind. Stop reading. Just listen to the podcast, tell a friend, leave us a comment....
Summer is almost over already. omg.

Love the World
Peace up in the Grill

getting close to 2K views... 

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