Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 2017 | Last time on the DigiKast

Welcome to 2017. Ughh....
Happy New Year. Thanks for sticking it out with the DigiKast. We are still here!!

The DigiKast has been up to a lot since you've last heard from us. The bad news is that a lot of it is boring life stuff that no one wants to read about. The good news is that some of it was gaming related and since I am sure no one wants to read about it I have compiled some of it here in video form for your digital enjoyment.

We are still doing stuff on the internet here and there. Also, there's the Sloppy Goals thing that I am doing as well that might be a little off the beaten path, but cool to watch too.

Sherry and I look forward to 2017 with open arms and eyes to everything that it has to offer. With the exception of that whole other thing.... it should be good times. Yay!!

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