Wednesday, July 13, 2016

DigiKast Roadtrip: The Land of Virtual Reality

We went to the land of Virtual Reality with the helpful Best Buy rep as our guide...
Generally, the DigiKast crew prefers online purchasing and visits to the local MicroCenter for all of their technical and electronic needs. However, this particular drive to Best Buy happened on a whim and we were pleasantly surprised that they were demoing the PlayStation VR unit in the center of the store.
We have a Google Cardboard set in the house and that is the extent of our Virtual Reality experiences. For what it is, Google Cardboard is pretty good as a novelty. I am interested in the upcoming Google Daydream but I have been waiting for a chance to play any higher-end consumer level VR. There's the HTC/Valve Vive, the Oculus Rift, and the PlayStation VR. At $400, the PSVR is pricey but still closer to our price range compared to the $800 Oculus and the $1000 Vive. Also, we don't have the room space nor the computing power to run either of them any time soon. Not that I'm not looking to build a new pc capable of such power...

Anyway, we played Super Hyper Cube and Eve Valkyrie. Check out our video below. I was also quite surprised that the PlayStation VR rep was super knowledgeable and very helpful, certainly a refreshing departure from our past Best Buy experiences. Shout out to that guy! (Sorry, didn't catch his name, he was awesome!)
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