Tuesday, July 7, 2015

This week in DigiKast (June 29, 2015)

To celebrate our independence we grill various meats, lounge outside with family and friends, and of course shoot off a few small explosives. Some of us even worked from home.
Ah, the joys of working overtime. We stocked up on various libations, bought a grill and got to it. Almost went a full 3-day weekend without leaving the house.

DigiKast Kitchen:
We even made a video to chronicle the simple electric grill that we purchased. It was a short lived video due to the limited battery life, but you get the point. 

We played a lot of games over the holiday, with the recent life stress the downtime was much deserved. Sherry beat down Rob in about 13 matches of Dead or Alive: Last Round on Xbox One. Sherry found a new-found interest in Sunset Overdrive. Side note - the xbox one trial project is highly underrated. This weekend alone, they've sold us two games with what is essentially an upgraded demo. More games need to do this. 
Here's a video of  #IronBanner competition. #BungieDay!

We went in for a taste of the underground music to support our friendly neighborhood mix master, Black Skramm on a live performance. The setup was run out of a Vegetarian Juice Bar but oddly enough, had a nice cozy house party atmosphere. For as much news going around about the turmoil and violence in Baltimore City, we were pleasantly surprised to be welcomed into a very friendly music-loving group. Not only did Black Skramm lay down some solid breaks, I also discovered No Sir E. Enjoy.

Hopefully, we can get Black Skramm on the next show so we can pick his brain. But in the mean time, enjoy the tracks.

For as long as fireworks exists... idiots will hurt themselves with them. Happy Independence Day.
Fireworks don't make good hats.

Dogs totally hate fireworks.

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