Friday, June 12, 2015

This Week in DigiKast (June 8th, 2015)

Its June. Its hot. We got a new setup. Yay!!

So, remember how awesome Attack on Titan was? Yeah, relive the magic and then watch the show again after you read this great write up on the series. Sherry and Rob find that Season 2 can't come fast enough.

[Potato eating intensifies.]
In just a few weeks, Windows 10 will be upon us. Join us as we raise a glass and pour one out for Windows Media Center. Oh yeah, did I mention that Windows 10 was free!??

Maybe we should reinstall the newest cool stuff from the Linux camp. 

Umm... that prison in New York isn't the most secure, huh?

We may have to try this and see how it goes. Sherry has yet to be affected by a scary game. Through the Woods is apparently a third-person psychological experience. Should be fun. Also there's a free demo. If we stream it, you can find us here at

Wierd Al is coming to Baltimore! we didn't get tickets. We did get tickets for New Kids on the Block and Magooby's Joke house to see comedians in their underwear though.

As Usual:
Shout out to Comcast/Xfinity, for finally outsourcing their in-house technicians. We now have true high speed cable. Its not a business connection, but it is pretty nice. I will be happier while holding out until Google Fiber comes.

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