Friday, May 15, 2015

This Week in DigiKast (May 10th, 2015)

Happy Mother's Day, this week The DigiKast went outside of their comfort zone with their first video podcast. Enjoy this and a few other things we thought were pretty interesting this week.
We started the week off with a semi-instructional video of how to cook lobster tails.... they actually came out pretty nice. Can't say as much for the video tho... don't judge us too hard, it's our first time.

Next- Rob doesn't like U2, but this video of them singing in the NYC subway with Jimmy Fallon gets the thumbs up from Sherry. Jimmy Fallon should prank Jimmy Kimmel and start a series called Jimmy vs Jimmy. Its like Spy vs Spy but different.

We finally picked up an xbox one and re-upped our xbox live subscriptions to keep up with the Joneseses. Since we know you want to play with us just add us on Xbox Live - BigRob029 & SherryBerry98. Add us on Steam as well, cuz PC gaming is always awesome.
Want to watch us play games terribly? Follow us on, where we play games and talk sh*t about everything.

Sherry loves Katy Perry, obviously this mashup went over well.

Rob has never seen Fight Club, which is a film that Sherry loves. We will speak about it eventually on a future podcast. Stay tuned for more, for now - enjoy this picture.

Sherry found a gif of this... but the video is worth a few thousand words. In 2015, it is still not safe to be on a gameshow in Japan. 

As Usual:
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