Thursday, July 31, 2014

Timberman: Played and Reviewed Terribly

Remember Flappy Bird? Well, Timberman is completely different. Honest. The DigiKast played it, you get to read our review of it. 
If you are one of those people that bought an iPhone on eBay for hundreds of dollars just to get your Flappy Bird fix, this new game is right up your alley. Also, feel free to donate to us. 
Digital Melody's Timberman is a new mobile game available on iOS and Android that features addictive gameplay, friend shaming through leaderboards, and lovable lumberjacks. 

SherrysJoys's Opinion:
Timberman is a highly addictive, quirky game that can be played at anytime. Although the game is quick, be prepared for time passing, blood pressure raising, thumb numbing, challenging fun. In this game you start off as a lumber jack chopping down a tree as fast as you can without dying. There are two ways to " kick the bucket" in this game. The first is by getting conked over the head by a branch on the tree you are furiously chopping down. As you are chopping the tree your health is rapidly decreasing. The second way is by not being able to beat the clock as your health fades away. The more you successful your chopping, the more your heath rises, the more your health rises, the less chance you have of dying. Apparently by a cut off air supply. I recommend this game as a way to drive your phone and tablet gaming friends insane by having them attempt to beat your score. Overall, this is a fun quirky app that can be played by anybody who has patience and the drive to out-score not only your friends, but yourself as well. Enjoy 

DJ AwesomeRob's Opinion:
You play as an eager lumberjack fighting for your life! Your whole life is spent chopping down this infinitely tall tree. The more you chop the longer you live. You must chop carefully as not to be killed by the falling branches. This simple mobile game makes up for its easy premise with a leaderboard that just wont quit. Watch as your friends race to get higher and higher scores and lord them over you with their bearded lumberjack faces. As you play more games and get higher scores you unlock more characters, unfortunately they are only cosmetic upgrades. However, the fast paced action makes it great for getting a quick fix and the responsive controls will leave you cringing from every loss knowing that any mistakes were certainly your own.  
Timberman is free to play and you can also pay a one time fee to remove the ads.  The only gripe I have is the public leaderboard being overrun with cheaters, though the friends leaderboard is the one you only really care about anyway. (Digital Melody has recently updated the game to help deter this.)
I would recommend this game to anyone looking for the next new addictive mobile game, and especially to anyone that likes to battle their friends for top scores. 

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