Saturday, February 8, 2014

Guacamelee: Gold Edition Review

Guacamelee is a lot of things and trying to sum it up into a single genre is hard.

I would basically say that its a "Metroid-style" brawler that's also an action platformer with light RPG elements. You play as Juan, a low-level luchador, that must work his way up the ranks to save his love interest, and his town, AND the world. Classic.

I'm a sucker for Grumpy Cat.

Not only does it have great controls and an interesting story, it is literally covered in pop-culture references.

The references!

If you like old school games that offered significant challenge back in the day you won't be disappointed by this one. Guacamelee is a spot on homage to the classic old-school games and is definitely worth picking up.

Did I mention the drop-in drop-out coop?

Here is a video of me playing it (terribly). Enjoy!!

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