Saturday, February 8, 2014

Beyond The Mic: Episode 004

The great Destiny vs Halo 5 Debate, plus a bunch of Mass Effect and Bioshock side betting. This is Beyond The Mic.

So yeah, we get into it pretty hard.... things were said, feelings were hurt, lines were drawn in the sand. But, despite all that we agreed that Bungie, Bioware, and Irrational Studios/2K games were all great game developers and we are happy to see everything they have up and coming. However, the jury is still out on 343 Industries. And, Orbitty was his name.

All good things MUST come to an end...
Shout Outs!:
@FantasticJackie, @SDFRiver, @DestinyAuthor, @CraftingGeek, @DearBungie, @MoreConsole, @GuardiansOfD, @InsideDestiny and all my fellow Destiny-fan fam (the list is quite long)! My personal Destiny hype-train wouldn't be the same without you guys. Also, it would be really cool if you could add @SherrysJoy and help convince her about how awesome Destiny is.... K, Thanks!!

Free Music!:
Just for giggles, here's some free music. It's a double treat if you enjoyed this episode's background music (and it fulfills my part of the creative commons licensing agreement).
Just Plain Ant - Hide EP

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