Saturday, January 25, 2014

First Game of the Year: Papo y Yo

An emotional and moving story paired with simple gameplay and mind-bending visuals, DJ AwesomeRob plays Papa y Yo.

Papo y Yo is a 3rd person action platformer. Its basic controls and easy to understand mechanics allows its charm to shine through. The story is centered around Quico, a south american boy, that sets out to find why he is cursed. He follows a mysterious girl around in search of the answer to his quest. He comes to find that his curse is to be paired with a monster who is usually disinterested in him but will turn in a moments notice and attack Quico when presented with some mysterious tree frogs. Quico has the ability, or the task, rather of manipulating his world. The South American favela setting is both oppressive and beautiful; and at times vivid and imaginative. Traversing the various puzzles can drastically change them in ways you would never expect.

As the story unfolds you come to find that the metaphors run deep and will certainly hit hard. The only complaint I had with Papo y Yo was that while the story is superb, it ends too soon. I suppose for the underlying subject matters, no spoilers, its best for this to be a short experience.

The game is beautiful, and easy to pick up and play. It's a 4 to 6 hour romp that is worth its asking price. Go check it out... after you watch this spoiler free portion of me playing the game, of course. Enjoy.

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